It is an unfortunate fact that many talented Hopi move away from family and clan to distant communities to find employment and it was the wisdom of the Upper Village elders that jobs be created here to keep the fabric of Hopi life intact. Job creation was the primary goal of the elders and there are also intangible benefits to the project that are very important to the Village and all tribal members. The fact of accomplishment on a scale that the Upper Village of Moenkopi has undertaken is a source of pride for the entire community…pride that can be very productive for all tribal members, particularly the youth. Our tribal members are confronted with sharp contrasts between the architecture and amenities of mainstream society and the physical environment of life on our mesas. Economic opportunity and employment on Hopi tribal land also translates to cultural preservation and language preservation. Local jobs and increased income for artists and local businesses give tribal members a resource to support themselves instead of having to move away to other communities for employment.