Employment Opportunities


Moenkopi Developers Corporation is a 501 (c) 3non- profit organization that was established by the Hopi Tribal Council & Upper Village of Moenkopi to promote the goal of economic and social self-sufficiency for the Moenkopi Village. Moenkopi Developers Corporation is dedicated to helping our people build a vibrant and culturally compatible economy, where our people can live and work with honor, dignity, trust & respect.

Moenkopi Developers Corporation /HUMAN RESOURCE Mission Statement:

Our employees make Moenkopi Developers Corporation and its entities what they are, it is the mission of the human resources department to develop, implement and support programs and processes that add value to MDC, its entities and its employees, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth and retention, while remaining committed to MDC’s key business drivers, its management and prosperity for its customers, employees and shareholders. And to develop a diverse employee workforce which delivers exceptional customer service in a safe and productive environment.