Moenkopi Utility Authority

MUA was created in 2009 by the Upper Village and MDC in order to govern the Village Utility operations, manage the processes and employees, insure the health and welfare of the Village occupants and provide funds to sustain operations.

Engineering support and guidance is provided to us by the engineers of the Indian Health Service, the Public Health Service, the EPA, Rural Communities Assistance Corporation ( non-profit organization dedicated to improving living conditions throughout the Western United States) and the Hopi Tribe.

MDC has been given responsibility for the utilities for the Upper Village of Moenkopi. Since 2012, in the interest of economic development and sustainability, the corporation operates:

Waste Water Treatment
A state of the art treatment was built using HUD Indian Community Development Block Grant and loans to the Upper Village and Moenkopi Developers Corporation from the Hopi Tribe. The $4 million plant is a state of the art that produces Class A water. The EPA has issued a permit to discharge the Class A effluent into the Moenkopi Wash, a tributary of the Colorado River. The solid by-product of the process is taken to a secure landfill. The facility is designed to accept over 185,000 gallons of wastewater per day and currently needs to operate at one half of its designed capacity.

Moenkopi has an agreement with Navajo Tribal Utility Authority to place excess influent into the Tuba City sewage lagoons on the Navajo Nation. We use this agreement only in emergencies.

Drinking Water
Clean, fresh and safe drinking water for the Village is produced from 4 wells. Three of the wells are shallow and are in the small N-Aquifer that ends here in Northeast Moenkopi. The water is treated as a precaution and put directly into the Village Distribution System.