Hopi Arts Trail

Moenkopi Developers Corporation created the Hopi Arts Trail to increase awareness of the great artists and galleries in the Hopi villages and help those entrepreneurs build their businesses. The Hopi Arts Trail is not a literal trail to hike but rather a way for visitors to connect with the artists and galleries. The Arts Trail is an invitation to the world to visit the mesas in a respectful manner, to connect with some of the very finest artists in their galleries and home workshops. Hopi art ranges from traditional to contemporary mediums and themes. Basket weaving, Kachina Doll carving, Pottery, and silversmithing are the four most prominent art forms but Hopi artists also find expression in painting, sculpture, glass making, and other contemporary art forms.

(From left to right: Britan O’Brien- Director of Southern Region Office of Governor, Arts Trail artists Frances Quotskuyva & Darlene Banks, Mike Finney of AZ Communications Group, Sherry Henry, Director Arizona Office of Tourism.)

The Hopi Arts Trail, won the Arizona State Governor’s Award for Cooperative Marketing Best Practices. The Cooperative Marketing Award is presented to the project that best exemplifies the use of “non-traditional” or creative partnerships to develop, finance and/or execute a cooperative marketing effort. The Arts Trail is an extension of principles set forth by the elders of the village who envisioned economic development as a benefit to the Upper Village and all of Hopi.